Holders of UK Passports will require a Visa before travelling to India. Should you require assistance in obtaining your Visa there are several companies that can do this - we have always found Travcour (UK) - to be very helpful and highly recommended.

If you wish to apply yourself then visas can be obtained online using either http://in.vfsglobal.co.uk/ or https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/.

Non UK travellers to Kerala should check with the Indian Embassy to ensure they comply with the relevant Visa requirements. Please note that unlike many Visas that are valid from the date of entry the Indian Visa is valid from the date of issue. It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure that they have the correct and valid documentation before departing as entry into India could be denied. Travellers to Kerala holding a UK passport will require a 10 year passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of your intended return to the UK. All children must have their own passport.

It is advisable to keep a record of your passport number separately from your original passport as this will help you to acquire a temporary passport in the event of loss. We have attached a link to Prima Passports and Visas who can also provide assistance and advice for our Guests travelling to Kerala - in addition they have agreed a very special rate for Kerala Moments Clients. Click here to visit Prima Passports.


It is recommended that before visiting all tropical areas including India you should discuss your requirements with your Doctor - some inoculations may be needed a few months prior to travelling. In addition it is normal to assume that when visiting India some precautions should be taken against Malaria – again your Doctor will be able to advise you personally on the appropriate requirements.


Light, cotton comfortable clothing, preferably with long sleeves is often recommended when travelling to tropical climates. It is also advisable to wear a hat outside wherever possible.


Always drink bottled water or carbonated drinks from cans/bottles. Try to avoid ice cubes, drinking water fountains and tap water.


As with travel to all warmer climates it is recommended that a high factor sun protection screen should always be used.


Smoking is banned in all public places.

Electrical Adaptors

Worldwide adaptors are required - but sometimes the plugs and sockets do appear to have a mind of their own! If this is the case and your adaptor does not fit into the sockets please speak to the Porter on duty who we find are normally very helpful.

Safety Deposit Boxes

As with travel to any country we would advise that all valuables are kept in the safe located in your room - or if this is not available then place items of value in the safe in the Reception area.


It is advisable to check with your Hotel on arrival what their preferred method of tipping is - but on the whole we would say allow 100 rupees per night. If you are travelling on a tour - depending on how many days your trip is for - a total tip of between 500 to 1000 rupees paid to your driver at the end of your tour. Individual tips for Hotel Porters, special service from restaurant staff etc. - roughly 20 to 40 rupees.

Exchanging Currency

Taking Indian Rupees into India is not allowed - however on arrival currency may be exchanged at the currency exchange booths that are located inside the airport.

Always exchange foreign currency from an authorised dealer i.e. Bank etc., and always insist on receiving your currency exchange receipt which is your proof that you obtained your funds legally and clearly states the amount of foreign currency exchanged for Indian currency and the rate of exchange you received. It is advisable to save these receipts and it will enable you to re-convert your money at the airport on your return home.

Purchasing foreign currency from unauthorised places is illegal and you may run the risk of receiving counterfeit money - in addition it is advisable to always refuse torn notes as many places will not accept them.

Travellers cheques, credit and debit cards are accepted in many places, but again it is advisable to keep all receipts for items purchased.

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Travel Trust Association

In accordance with the 1992 UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations we have become members of the Travel Trust Association to ensure we are able to protect our customer’s pre-payments for non-flight inclusive packages commencing from and returning to the UK.

For information on how your money is protected please visit their website: Travel Trust Association.


Should any problems occur with Kerala Moments after our clients holiday has commenced this policy will enable them to continue until their planned return home.  Always make sure you remember to let your Bank know in advance what dates you will be in Kerala to make sure you do not have any problems accessing your money!

What will the weather be like?

With a stunning location on the South Western Coast of Southern India, Kerala is perfectly placed to enjoy a tropical climate with temperatures averaging between 24 deg C and 33 deg C. Positioned between the cooling effect of the Western Ghats Mountains and the Arabian Sea breezes Kerala avoids the really scorching hot and dry weather affecting most of India.

High Season

The high season is between mid-November and May when the average number of sunshine hours reaches its peak making this tropical paradise the perfect winter holiday destination.

Between March and the end of May the weather is typically warm and very pleasant.

Good periods of sunshine can still be enjoyed between June and July whilst experiencing the highly atmospheric Monsoon season.

Mountains and Hills

Because of their location the hill stations and higher Western Ghats Mountains may experience slightly cooler temperatures and it is advisable to take a few clothes suitable for these conditions.


You will need to have adequate travel insurance in place prior to departure – details of which we will need at the time of booking. Kerala Moments guests can take advantage of our association with Holiday Extras – please contact us for further details.

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