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Nobody needs to lug a large heavy suitcase through airports onto transfers and taxis, with more of us taking tours and multi centre trips the lighter we travel the easier life is,  so the art of  packing a carry on sized case (either if it is hand luggage or you check it in and forget about it) is one we should all master.  Choose a soft bag with lots of pockets for maximum space, outer pockets are great for keeping all your travel documents together and easy to access as you pass through airports.


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Organise your holiday wardrobe before you start  packing, mix and match and have a colour plan, lay out your clothes and plan ahead.  Travelling in your most bulky clothes, jeans, trainers and a jacket will save space and you can use jacket pockets for money wallets, small cameras etc.  Pick a couple of pretty flip flops to save space and they will get you from beach to bar to restaurant!  A large pretty sarong will act as a beach  and evening cover up.  Three or four t-shirts a couple of pairs of shorts and trousers and a mix and match  evening selection, can  give a different look every day.  Don’t forget on a beach holiday the most worn item will be your beach wear so don’t pack lots of day clothes that will stay in the wardrobe.

Space Savers

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Utilise your space, roll rather than fold for maximum space and less creasing, pack underwear and small items in gaps in the case, download reading to tablets rather than take up space with bulky books, utilise every bit of your case.  Do pack a couple of wash tabs, a quick wash through can halve your packing list.  Don’t fill your case with large toiletries, they are heavy and bulky, fill some empty small bottles of your favourite shampoos and conditioners, take a bar of soap rather than a large bottle and remember when you arrive there will be plenty of places to buy sun lotions and  shower gels etc.  If you are in a tourist area there will also be many options to buy a cheap beach towel for your holiday and gain space in the bag.


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Finally when you have everything laid out and ready to pack, double check and remove anything you have doubts about, if you are not sure now that you will wear it, you probably won’t and resist the urge to add the just in case items!  Travel light and enjoy the adventure.

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