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Valentine in Kerala

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The most romantic day of the year will be upon us soon but why should romance be celebrated on just one day?  Here are some top spots in Kerala to visit with your sweetheart any time.

Luxury Houseboat Cruise

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A luxurious houseboat cruise is a charming way to explore the magnificent backwaters of Kerala.  It is a wonderful option of travelling through 900 kilometres of waterways in ‘God’s Own Country’.  The deluxe houseboat slowly cruises the backwaters, until sunset, when it anchors for the night.  The kettuvallam (houseboat) has a private balcony with comfortable chairs and attached bathrooms with air conditioning.  The boats have a fully equipped kitchen and an experienced cook to prepare authentic, delicious Kerala cuisine.  So once aboard, all you need do is relax and enjoy this unforgettable, amorous, cruise experience.


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A romantic trip with your valentine to an Ayurveda clinic will put relaxation at the centre of any vacation.  The guiding principles of Ayurveda are: 1) the mind and body are connected, and 2) nothing is more powerful to heal the body than the mind.  It is all centred around balance; balancing lifestyle (diet, exercise) with a healthy mind.  A lovely way to achieve balance and peace together.


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Explore the temples of Kerala and lose yourselves in the beautiful ancient architecture.  Many are adorned with thousands of vibrantly coloured figures of gods and goddesses; breath-taking tours to explore together.  There is an endless choice of temples to visit together.

Luxury Tree-house

Treehouse, Carmelia Haven Plantation Resort | Bespoke tour of Asia

What could be more romantic than time spent in a luxury tree-house in the middle of a magnificent rainforest?  This popular accommodation in Kerala is a couples dream; isolated and away from the rest of the world.  It’s an opportunity to view the varied wildlife species and scenery that the tropical forest holds from a very unique vantage point.

Trips to Kerala can be arranged all year round and need not be confined to just one day of romance!

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