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Happy New Year

Family Holidays to Asia | Kerala Moments | Happy New Year

To get you through January we’ve put together some of our favourite places in Kerala… enjoy!


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Cochin is home to one of the busiest airports in Kerala.  This bustling part of the world is modern – meets – ancient.  It boasts a palace, churches and huge cantilevered fishing nets found on the waterline. Cochin is a cultural and educational place to see in Kerala, with the option of a spot of shopping!


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Munnar is the hill station of Kerala with sprawling tea plantations and picturesque towns.  Also, over 12 varieties of spices are found in Munnar and it’s surrounding villages, including; ginger, garlic, cardamom, vannilla, pepper, cinnamon, coffee, tea, clove and nutmeg.  There is a cooler climate here and it is a wonderful relief during the hotter months in Kerala.


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Alleppey is best known for it’s backwaters and houseboat (Kettuvallam ) cruises.  Exploring the backwaters on a luxury houseboat is a wonderful option of travelling through Kerala, these were originally used to transport rice bags through Kerala’s 900 kilometres of waterways.  Snakeboat racing can also be witnessed on the backwaters, this is racing of long wooden traditional cannoe-style boats, they can be 100 to 120 feet long and hold up to 100 rowers.  Alleppey has more than just the backwaters, it also has a beach, churches and temples, plenty to offer everyone’s tastes on a trip of a lifetime to Kerala.


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Wayanad is in north west Kerala and has the most spectacular rainforest including luxury tree-house accommodation, to completely immerse yourself in the experience.   Other places of interest in Wayanad are the infamous Athirapally Falls,  Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and tea and spice plantations.  It is a very species-rich, cultural area of Kerala and home to many ancient, indigenous nomadic tribes.

This is just a taste of some of our favourite places in Kerala and the diverse touring options that are there… more to come soon!

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