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The region of Wayanad in north west Kerala is home to a spectacular expanse of rainforest. Ideal for those with a passion for the outdoors, this area of immense beauty offers a dazzling variety of wildlife, dense tropical forests, tea and spice plantations, breathtaking waterfalls and a network of mountain streams.

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Part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India, it really is an awe inspiring place to explore. So, what is there to see in this wonderful region…


Covering an area of 345 km, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an animal enthusiasts dream! A phenomenal range of wildlife live here, many of which are quite rare.  Very happy in their natural habitat, there are some incredible sights to see here.

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The most species-rich part of peninsular India, Wayanad is home to 80% of the flowering plant species of the entire mountain range. Throughout the year, the colour of the lush flora is stunning. Numerous outback trails and trekking routes snake through the forests, with many spots ideal for adventure sports. You won’t find many other locations to partake in such activities with this kind of view!

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Furthermore, there are immense tea plantations in this area. Covering the undulation ground with a lush green carpet, they make for some beautiful views.

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Wayanad is also home to many ancient, indigenous nomadic tribes who still practice their age-old customs.  These tribes are known for having a rich legacy of arts and crafts, dance, music, as well as handicrafts.


Dotted throughout the region are some stunning wooden treehouses. These are a great choice for quirky yet incredibly comfortable accommodation during your time in Wayanad, allowing you to be close to nature and enjoy some great scenery whilst you relax.

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As part of your tour in Kerala, why not explore this wonderful rainforest region with its diverse range of attractions. Contact us now to discuss your forthcoming bespoke tour of Kerala.

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