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Missing a Flight

Private Houseboat Tours | Kerala MomentsOne of the worst fears of travelling has happened…. you’ve missed your flight… here are the 5 stages you go through if you’re unfortunate enough for this to happen..


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There’s that initial panic before it’s confirmed that you have actually missed the flight, you’ll still rush (and run) to try and make it.  Hold that plane!!


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Be prepared for a range of emotions that result following the shock of missing a flight; from the previous panic, to upset, to angry (try not to direct it at anyone!) to hope… this is when hope’s friend makes an appearance… denial.


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Maybe there was a delay with the flight, maybe there’ll still be time to get to the plane (forgetting the maze of security you must first get through)?  Maybe if you explain what happened (traffic, train delays), they’ll hold the plane.. ??  These holiday programmes show airports doing everything possible to get customers on flights they’ll behave in the exact same way off camera.. right??  You simply must get on that plane.  Do they know who you are?!!


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There’s always the option to plead to customer service, if anyone can get you on the flight then they are the ones with the final say.  If you have no bags to check in then it could increase your chances of being allowed through and perhaps fast-tracked to the boarding gate.  Pleading is worth a try.


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Maybe it took seeing the plane take off, or perhaps the assurances from the airport staff that you will not be boarding the flight, but acceptance has finally kicked in.  It is time to change your plans and make alternative arrangements.  Hopefully the airline customer service will be helpful and kind enough to reschedule your flight.  The important lesson here is to make sure you have travel insurance and that it covers missed flights regardless of the circumstances.  Happy and safe flying!

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