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Remember, Remember the 5th November….

This Sunday (and the few days surrounding it), the skies will be lit with multicoloured fireworks to signify ‘Guy Fawkes Night’.

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Perhaps one of the most significant dates in Autumn; back gardens and public parks will be filled with the crackle of blazing bonfires and bang of glittering fireworks this weekend.

Guy Fawkes Night originated to mark the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. This was a failed conspiracy to destroy the Houses of Parliament and assassinate King James I leading to the execution of Guy Fawkes. From here on, it has been a hugely popular annual occasion enjoyed by all ages.

London and the South East offer many organised events to enjoy. You’ll typically find enormous bonfires, spectacular firework displays, fairgrounds, music and hot food stalls. So all things considered, how will you commemorate Guy Fawkes Night this year?

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Must do activities this Guy Fawkes night:

  • Host your own Guy Fawkes party for family, friends and neighbours. Smaller fireworks such as fountains and Catherine wheels are ideal for back garden displays. Furthermore, you can wow your guests with a selection of homemade goodies.

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  • Keep warm around a bonfire at one of the many free or paid for events in Kent. You could enjoy an outdoor supper of hotdogs, jacket potatoes and steaming mugs of soup!


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  • Twirl a sparkler – your very own hand held firework! Moreover, see what patterns you can create in the sky with multiple sparklers.

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  • Make a replica guy to throw on the bonfire. Many organised events host a competition for the best guy, great for kids who enjoy getting crafty!

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  • Make a Parkin cake. This is a sweet treat made of oatmeal, ginger, treacle and syrup traditionally eaten beside the bonfire.

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  • Finally, take time to learn about the origins of this festivity. For example, did you know that Guy Fawkes wasn’t even the ringleader of the plot. He gained his villain status by being the one caught planting the gunpowder.


So if you have plans for this weekend be sure to wrap up warm, stay safe and enjoy!

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