August Bank Holiday | Kerala Moments

August Bank HolidayFamily Holidays to Asia | August Bank Holiday | Kerala Moments

The August Bank Holiday is almost here and officially marks the end of Summer (sigh!)  Let’s make the most (regardless of the weather) of the weekend…

Family Holidays to Asia | August Bank Holiday | Kerala Moments

A trip to the beach, the sound of waves, the sea air and all the smells we associate with the seaside.  The beach will of course still be there during the Autumn but there’s nothing quite like that Summer feeling.


Photo-Leeds-Festival | India Holiday Destination | Kerala Moments

It’s the seasonal end for festivals in the UK.  It’s time to store away those tents, sleeping bags and hibernate those dance moves for the Winter months!  For those of you not ready to let go, there’s always Notting Hill Carnival over the bank holiday weekend to have a last few celebrations.


Dusk | Tour Operators Asia | Kerala Moments

Goodbye longer days!  Notice already that the street lights are coming on that bit earlier?  Shorter days are coming and we will soon be in the routine of leaving the house in the dark and returning in the dark.  Make the most of these long, bright evenings while they’re still here!


Flowers | Kerala Moments

Flowers are still in bloom everywhere and the sight of all the colours are enough to cheer us up.  The greenery will soon be gone but at least it will be replaced with wonderful Autumn colours before the Winter sets in.

Whatever your plans may be this bank holiday weekend, enjoy the last weekend of the Summer!

Family Holidays to Asia | August Bank Holiday | Kerala Moments


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