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Summer Reads

Summer is upon us and what better way to relax on a beach, or lose yourself on a train or plane with a novel. Here are some of the best reads to delve into, to escape reality and inspire your imagination.

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Big Little Lies ~ Liane Moriarty

Million copy selling author of “The Husbands Secret” brings us another addictive story of secrets and scandal. Both thrilling and funny, you’ll certainly be racing through the pages packed with emotional depthSometimes it’s the little lies that turn out to be the most lethal…A murder…a tragic accident…or just parents behaving badly?  What’s indisputable is that someone is dead.  But who did what?.   Big Little Lies is a brilliant take on mothers and daughters, second wives and ex husbands and the dangerous little lies we tell ourselves just to survive.

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The Essex Serpent ~ Sarah Perry

Superstition, religion, myth and fear all blend into a strange and toxic potion as late 19th-century coastal Essex falls into the grip of panic over reports of a great serpent roaming the marshes. A historical love story that beautifully captures a tremendous story of fiction. The Essex Serpent explores and engages us with the connections between romantic love and friendship,  superstition and science. 

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 Miss you ~ Kate Eberlen

Tess and Gus are meant to be. They just haven’t met properly yet. And perhaps they never will . . . A chance meeting brings two 18 years olds together for a brief moment. The first of many times their paths will cross as time passes and their lives take on a different path then they expected.  Over the course of the next sixteen years, Tess and Gus will have to deal with many different challenges and decisions.  But while destiny and fate can separate two people, it can also bring them back together again.


Honeymoons in India | Summer reads

Shantaram ~ Gregory David Roberts

A novel of high adventure, great story telling and moral purpose, based on an extraordinary true story of eight years in the Bombay Underworld.  In the early 1980’s , Gregory David Roberts was and armed robber and drug addict.  He escaped from an Australian prison to India, where he lived in a Bombay slum.  From there he opened up a free health clinic, joined the mafia and worked as a forger.  Amongst all this, he found the time to learn Hindi and Marathi and fall in love… A gripping and compelling tale, not for the faint hearted.


Whatever your style of reading, there’s no feeling better then losing hours in a good book, that’s our kind of summer.

Enjoy your Summer Reads!

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